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Gatsby + Strapi

August 10, 2019


I had to rollback to using the markdown files for now since Heroku + MongoDB sleeps and clears off the database from time to time.

I managed to convert this blog site from using markdown templates and took advantage of the following stack:

The above stack was based on Strapi’s blog tutorial.

What I have achieved so far are:


CRITICAL I also had to put a Heroku Scheduler to ping the CMS so it will be kept alive or else all the content will be erased. CRITICAL Since I’m using a sandbox environment in Heroku, whenever I deploy changes in my Strapi codebase, all my articles inside the mongodb will be erased. It is best to migrate this to a better service soon.

Looking forward to put this to good use in my tech team.

John Michael Ferraris

John Michael Ferraris
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