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John Michael Ferraris

John Michael Ferraris
Codes for a living and for fun. Reads fiction and self-help on the side. Runs fast enough to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Gatsby + Strapi

August 10, 2019

gatsby and strapi experiment

Development Stack

April 05, 2019


New domain, new blog site

March 02, 2019

It is 2019. I am now working in a new company called mClinica - I will post a different story about my journey in mClinica.Since moving to…

coding and connection

October 06, 2018

coding and connection

We meet again React.JS

October 05, 2018


Hello World

October 04, 2018

When learning a new language or a framework, any student or programmer must start with a “Hello World”.I decided to do this blog in the…