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New domain, new blog site

March 02, 2019

It is 2019. I am now working in a new company called mClinica - I will post a different story about my journey in mClinica.

Since moving to this new company I have not been able to do some technical writing. Believe me there’s a lot of things that I want to write about. So I’ll start my first 2019 post with a few things that I ticked off.

As you’ve heard Google Domains launched an early access program for the .dev domains. So first, I purchased one to point this simple Github page to that domain.

Second, I have rewritten my blog site and will slowly move to Gatsby.JS stack. I just used a starter pack to move my content.

And third, hopefully I would be able to join in on this half marathon in a few weeks.

John Michael Ferraris

John Michael Ferraris
Codes for a living and for fun. Reads fiction and self-help on the side. Runs fast enough to survive a zombie apocalypse.