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October 06, 2018

I started coding in the late months of 2009. I remember my first program was in C and it was a simple “Hello World!“. Never have I thought that it is going to change my life since.

Years went by and I am still coding, making softwares and applications to connect people. It goes from as simple as posting an image through a mobile phone for everyone to hit that “like” button to the urgency of “I need help.” Software development allowed me to connect different people and I have been working and learning progressively to maintain those connections.

My software development world may be complicated for some but it is entirely similar to others. Take the word “connection” - it seems cool for a developer while others look at it on our own world as geeky/nerdy. It is really simple when we put it in the same world as others. Person A may or may not “connect” with Person B. But once connection is made, both parties work hard, along with some external help, to maintain that connection.

Pretty much what I do on a day-to-day basis. Creating a connection is hard and complex. But once you have that connection, find the means to maintain it.

John Michael Ferraris

John Michael Ferraris
Codes for a living and for fun. Reads fiction and self-help on the side. Runs fast enough to survive a zombie apocalypse.